Stiff upper lip

Stiff upper lip

Swallowing down emotions and maintaining a stiff upper lip has resulted in extreme suicide rates with the highest being men over the age of 85.

Suicide Rate Highest in Men Over 85

The culture of expecting men to be the strong, silent type has failed.

Widowed women tend to maintain social connections with their suicide rates low.

Women will also more readily accees clinical help like visiting a clinical psychologist.

Male suicides have risen 10% from 2154 deaths in 2016 to 2348 deaths in 2017, The highest annual figure in over a decade.

In 2018 - 804 people in Queensland took their own lives.

Couple Sunny Day Riding Bikes

Suicide rates on the Gold Coast are worse that the national average. Connection Counselling specialising in couples counselling Sunshine Coast recognise similar issues...

The couple has the opportunity to practice together the art of sending and receiving, so that they have an experience of being listened to, validated and empathically understood.

Stressful life events like relationship breakdowns, financial hardship, unemployment, bereavment are key issues that play a part in suicide.

Suicide is the leading cause of death of men aged 15-44 years

Suicide is the leading cause of death of men aged 15-44 years.

The highest female suicide rate was within the 45-49 year age group, at 10.4 deaths per 100,000.

For every death by suicide, it is estimated that as many as 30 people attempt to end their lives.

That is approximately 65,300 suicide attempts each year. Australia we can do more to connect with people.

We haven't even touched the subject of disadvantaged groups - however we can clearly see the issues of a lack of connection many people feel. If you recognise the "stiff uppler lip" characteristic try to connect - don't stop at the first refusal.

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