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Lady Receiving CounsellingWhat impresses about Jiselle is as a practitioner of mindfullness she can teach others techniques for long-term solutions as well as address immediate issues.

Mindfulness in its simplest understanding is about non-judgemental awareness to what is going on inside and outside ourselves, moment by moment.

Services Offered

Holistic Therapy

Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling is for the person who wants to make positive change that is everlasting. It's focus is on the whole person and their interconnected aspects of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. We use the body's intelligence or cellular memory which goes beyond the conscious mind and thinking, to the core issue where a deep understanding is gained that allows for healing and beneficial change.

This modality works deeply through the 5 senses of the soul which are accessed through colour, sound, movement, visualisation and sometimes art therapies which empower the client to discover and access their own inner wisdom and healing capacity.

Holistic counselling is powerfully transformativeand clients can feel the positive change after each session. Each session works on 1 issue until completion so you don't feel like you open a can of worms and have to take it home with you. Generally not many sessions are needed at all to create powerful positive change.

Why Do People Seek Relationship Counselling?

  • Communication And Miscommunication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Lack Of Intimacy
  • Sexual Issues
  • A Partner Having An Affair
  • Personal Issues The Affect Both Partners
Looking for help?
Jiselle offers a wide range of services
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Pre Marriage Counselling
  • Mindfullness Meditation