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Dr Mylene GoodwinConsidering just about every single one of us will suffer from at least one episode of back pain throughout our lives, interest in Chiropractic Care has increased dramatically. We know Chiropractic relieves back pain but can it create health? The definition of health is 'Optimal mental, physical and social well-being not just the absence of disease.' (Webster's dictionary).

One thing here is key - it's our nervous system. We self regulate, self repair and self defend through our nervous system. We have 70 million cells in our body, give or take, most of these cells are healthy, some are sick. We regenerate every minute of every day and aim to replace these sick cells into healthy cells. Any interference to this nervous flow of energy and information can create a detrimental effect to our health.

The skull and vertebrae protect the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. The bones in the spinal column can lose normal motion or position and irritate the nervous system. This does not have to be painful (although it can be very painful) and can have a potentially negative effect on your body systems. Any irritation can affect all organs, tissues, glands and cells of our bodies.

Chiropractic is a safe, proven and effective drug free choice in spinal health care. Chiropractic does assist in pain relief but also corrects nervous system interferences so individuals can feel and be at their full potential. Poor spinal health can lead to physical, mental and social disharmony.

Many people think spinal irritations or back pain will self heal, however this is not accurate if not cared for properly it is likely to return.

Spinal misalignments can be due to one, two or three of the following components.

Structural health

  • Poor ergonomics
  • Poor posture
  • Previous accidents - falls, work related injuries and sporting injuries
  • Being overweight
  • Lack of exercise

Movement, strength and flexibility are essential for spinal health.

Chemical health

  • Dehydration causes back pain
  • Deficiency of magnesium and calcium causes back pain
  • Toxins cause back pain
  • Acidic foods cause back pain

Nutrition is essential for spinal health.

Emotional health

Emotions can enrich our lives yet many times those emotions which are not fully resolved on their own can diminish our health and create physical problems. Finding and balancing or removing their stuck negative emotions of the present and the past can be done with muscle testing (kinesiology). Ask your Chiropractor about 'Neuro Emotional Technique'.

Chiropractors will help you get to the cause of your pain and more importantly, look at long term spinal health to maximize the body's overall health and performance in everyday activities and exercise such as yoga or athletic ability. More surprisingly, it just makes you feel better so you are able to be at your optimum mentally, physically and socially.

Through their five year university training, they will also educate you on specialized advice on how to prevent further spinal problems such as ergonomics and individual exercise programmes. Chiropractic improves flexibility, sports performance, posture, increases energy, deepens sleeps, slows aging and degeneration, increases strength and stability and even aids the birthing process!

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