HearingThe ability to hear and communicate is an important part of our lives.
When a gradual hearing loss is experienced, it frequently leads to a person withdrawing from many of their normal social and work activities.
Often family, friends or work mates will notice the changes before the person suffering the hearing loss is ready to address or come to terms with it.

Sudden Hearing Loss - A Medical Emergency

Sudden sensorineural (inner ear) hearing loss (SSHL), commonly known as sudden deafness, is an unexplained, rapid loss of hearing (usually only in one ear) either suddenly or over a few days.

Sudden hearing loss is rare, but when it happens it should be considered a medical emergency and attended to by a hearing medical expert immediately. Swift treatment on prescribed steroids can in some cases restore partial or even full hearing.

Sudden hearing loss can strike at any age, but it is most common in people who have reached their fifties.

Read about a tragic misdiagnosis of Sudden Hearing Loss.

Hearing Aids

No hearing aid can ever replace the quality of sound that a fully functioning ear (cochlea) can provide in conjunction with the human brain; however, our quality of life can be enhanced through the use of hearing aid devices.

Hearing aids come in various styles including -:

  • Behind the ear
  • In the Canal
  • In the ear
  • Completely in the Canal
  • Invisible in the Canal

Hearing device technology constantly evolves and many new types of aids are waterproof or water resistant, enabling an active lifestyle such as we have on the Gold Coast.

The constant evolution of hearing aids means that anyone who has previously worn them without success should consider looking at modern quality aids across the various styles and brands now available. For example,

Phonak Audeo Lumity hearing aids have been created to deliver crisp natural sound for users. The new Phonak Audeo Paradise works better in difficult to hear scenarios such as "Speech in Noise". People moving from older hearing aids report the ability to now hear a whole conversation at a restaurant where previously they could not.

Hearing Aid Brands in Australia

Many of the Hearing Aid brands in Australia are European companies. The prices for hearing aids is often difficult to determine as very few websites display prices across different brands. One site shows Hearing Aid Prices across various brands (www.HearingAidPrices.com.au) and is a useful place to research and make comparisons.

It is important to get the correct care and fitting. Depending on the style of aid you select a special personalised mould may need to be created for you. Usually a number of appointments with an audiologist are necessary to be properly fitted with hearing aids.


All aids need to be programmed to your specific hearing loss and not all hearing aid styles are suitable for every type of hearing loss.

Never purchase a hearing aid over the Internet - the fitting and care of a qualified professional is required.

Prices in regional areas can be inflated if there is little competition - hence being aware of prices before you have a test is important. A test conducted by a trained audiologist may not be the test used by someone who is not as well trained.

A quality audiologist prefers to use their own calibrated equipment. Also many of us feel obligated to buy immediately when someone has spent time testing us, so ensure you have done your research beforehand. You can use an independent hearing aid referral site to assist you to find a good audiologist in your area.

Looking for Hearing Aids?
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