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The relationship between Yoga and Meditation

In yoga and in meditation we can raise our consiousness.

Yoga postures are a very useful for preparing the body for meditation. Connecting the body and mind will give your overall wellbeing a boost.

"In calmness I find my true self"

Meditation takes many forms and prevades almost all religions. Focussing on breathing and removing all extraneous thoughts can be difficult for many people.

You can start slowly and start to develop the habit. It is about removing the ego and concepts of who you are. Removing attachments and just being.

Where yoga helps is in preparing the body to handle being still. Fortunately for those starting out using props can help place the body in a correct position.

Assuming we are meditating sitting down, yoga will help keep the back supple, hamstrings flexible and hips in a correct position.

Yoga Lunge

It is hard to be calm when you are in pain or starting to go numb. A prop or cushion can help get the correct tilt in the pelvis.

You can even put your back to a wall, which helps support the spine.

One of the most common forms of meditation simply requires you to focus only on your breath, If your mind wanders gently bring it back.

Meditation is fantastic at helping make stressful situations become less stressful.

How does that happen?

As you practise meditation you start detaching and begin feeling rather than over activating the brain. By recognising repeating thought processes you can learn to switch them off.
You will be more in control, so when confronted with a stressful situation you may simply choose not to react.

You may be standing in line at a bank - it is up to you how you react to a slow customer in front of you.

Waiting in Line

Improved Flexibility

If you sit a lot either in your job or in your non working time you can decrease both your flexibility and fitness.
Slouching in front of a computer can lead to long term issues with your neck and shoulders.

Check are article on sitting at your desk properly.
Yoga poses focus on lengthening and strengthening the body, especially the muscles. Meditation can help you become aware of the tightening in your neck, so both Yoga and Meditation go hand in hand in a healthier you.

A good place to start your mediation practise on the Gold Coast is the Pure Yoga Wellbeing Centre -  Yoga Gold Coast.

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