Is Food to Blame?

Is Food to Blame?

Do you accept an upsize without giving it so much as a second thought?
Are seconds a common theme at your mealtimes?   
Will you finish every morsel of food on your plate because you can’t bear to leave any in front of you?
My clients constantly tell me they are addicted to food, that food is the only thing between them and the life/body/happiness they desire.
“There’s too much temptation, too many celebrations, and it’s all too difficult to resist.”
But is food really the problem or is food just something we like to blame, so we can take the focus off ourselves?
Woman Eating Cake
We live in a busy world; so much to do, so little time to do it in.
Busy is part of the problem, but a bigger part of the problem is ourselves, making our ‘busy’ lives the priority instead of making our priority, ourselves.
We like to keep ourselves busy so we can avoid turning inwards and looking at our why.
Our time gets spent on what we eat, how much to eat, cutting out this, avoiding that and blaming the food.
We go from one diet to the next only to find that the results don’t last.
Because it’s not the food’s fault.
Energy gets spent on the next fad ‘diet’ until we finally bore and exhaust ourselves and waste our time focusing and blaming the what instead of looking at and examining the why.
Next time you reach for food when you’re not hungry, stop and tune in by taking the following steps:
Before you eat,
1.    Ask yourself how you are feeling.
2.    Feel that feeling.
3.    Ask yourself what feeling you are hoping the food will give you (It’s usually the opposite to how you are feeling).
4.    How can you find that feeling (not through food).
5.    Do that activity

Author: Renae Bressi

Renae BressiRenae is a Mindset Coach specialising in overcoming emotional eating. She is on a mission to free the world from the guilt, regret and judgement we have around what we eat. Renae works with busy, independent women who are serious about taking control of their eating habits for good, ready to get out of their own way and stop listening to the stories holding them back; women who desperately want to take complete control of their own lives once and for all.


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