Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

A height adjustable desk allows you to vary your posture to a standing position.

You can vary your position from standing to sitting.

Stand Up Desk

One important point is you still need a strong core to stand all day.
You may find you start to get sore feet or other limb injuries.
Hence if you buy the right desk you should be able to switch from standing to sitting easily.

Do everything properly and at the end of the day you will have more energy.
That is just one of the benefits of being able to vary your posture - feeling more energetic.


Transition Time

Depending on your level of fitness or the amount of time you have spent standing in your daily life transition to a stand up desk may take some time.

Getting the right advice

Sally Burotowski is a Gold Coast Physio who also specialises in Pilates classes at Chevron Island.

Sally has produced a series of 12 DVDs which combines physiotherapy, pilates, yoga and gym-based techniques to create a holistic approach to body management, which rebalances and strengthens the body whilst rehabilitating any underlying injuries.

Height Adjustable Desk

Setting up your desk

The desk I purchased was from Jason L an online furniture site.
The desk does need to be put together and will take some time to do so.
Fortunately one of my clients who happens to be a Gold Coast Painter was around to help assemble the desk. There were a number of mistakes I would have made that a tradesman would not when it comes to assembling the desk.

How does it work

If you purchase a desk that adjusts the height automatically there are 2 buttons that much pressed at the same time in the same direction. This is a safety mechanism to prevent children or objects changing the table height accidentally. With an automated height adjustable desk it is a seemless process to go from standing to sitting.

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