COVID on the Gold Coast

COVID on the Gold Coast

There is an estimated wait for 5 - 7 hours to be tested, there are only 3 nurses available the others have COVID.

Gold Coast COVID testing location traffic controller

We go to another location and prepare for a long wait, it's 7 am, the line of cars does not move until 8:05.
A 3 1/2 hour episode and really we are still the lucky ones.
1 living on the Gold Coast,
2 living in Australia compared to the experiences of others overseas.

A typhoon hits the Philippines and some regions lose power for a month in the middle of a pandemic. Yes we are lucky in Australia.

After 2 line-ups in 3 days, there is not one angry word said anywhere.
Staff are in the sun with protective gear. They have an efficient process.
It relies on you having a mobile phone and your Medicare card.
If you have followed guidelines, have been vaccinated, it appears most people will be ok especially with the Omicron variety.

COVID Deaths by State

COVID Deaths Australia

In a press conference January 13 2022 the premier Annastacia Palaszczuk expressed her "shock" as Queensland has recorded 14,914 new cases and six deaths, marking its deadliest day of the pandemic so far, with only 7 in the previous 2 years.

The Economy by State (household consumption)


Queensland was the only eastern state to increase household consumption from pre-pandemic to June Quarter 2021 according to ABS figures.

Some sectors in Queensland were suffering, however in general Queensland was outperforming the eastern states by how it handled COVID and consumer demand reflected that. On the Gold Coast we were in boom times with house prices increasing and Gold Coast tradesmen in demand. There was an influx of Tree Changers & Sea Changers from COVID ravaged states Victoria and New South Wales.

Poll Gives Anna COVID Thumbs Up

"Let it Rip"

Listening to the grumblings of one local opposition politician who claimed we are in a "police state" and the madness of anti-vaxxers, it is clear some people simply do not like being told what to do.

Except Australia is one of the best places anywhere to be told what to do. And during this pandemic Queensland especially so.
Where else can you line up and not have someone try to jump the queue?

What we did hear, loud and clear was medical staff are at breaking point, that was before "Let it Rip" came into play.

Gold Coasters who are used to being inundated during Christmas holidays had "Let it Rip" by stealth thrust upon them as well. Staffing was an issue across the Gold Coast. Cafes who had survived the last 2 years of lockdowns and restrictions had trouble finding staff as it was.

And typically what happened was many of the workers, the backbone of the economy immediately succumbed to COVID.
No one, especially the federal government seemed to think ahead enough as to how to supply Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) tests to the workforce and to the vulnerable industries.
There was not even a co-ordinated plan to vaccinate nursing homes (boosters) across Australia according to advocacy groups.
Older residents were in some reports, left to isolate in their rooms because a PCR test was unavailable. Residents who could previously get up and make themselves a cup of tea were ending up incontinent in a wheelchair unable to do anything for themselves due to the mental health affect of the isolation.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had to be dragged kicking and screaming to offer RAT to concession holders - which has not yet been implemented. How were people supposed to safely get RAT if they had COVID symptoms?

Sally McMannus RAT Failure Twitter

Rapid Antigen Tests (Rat) for AU $4.50 in Europe

Rapid Antigen Tests Available Holland Twitter

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Prices Worldwide comparison

Check Rapid Antigen Test Prices Worldwide

Did you know both UK and USA have free RAT.

"Decided to let Omicron RIP without modelling the impact"

Audio from ABC news January 19 2021


We now have enough data from around 500 patients to see some trends in who is ending up in Queensland's hospitals and the of importance of boosted vaccinations is very clear. If you are unvaccinated you are 9 times more likely to end up in hospital than if you have have received boosted vaccination, that is 3 vaccinations.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer John Gerrard ABC news Jan 12 2022


A worker in a Surfers Paradise bottle shop was the only one in his team to not be off with COVID.

People would come into the shop. Not wearing a mask. Not enter their details into the mandatory app. And announce they were COVID positive.

Surfers Paradise liquor store worker

GCB 2021 9 11

Tom Tate September 11 2022 "This gives the Prime Minister one shot at being re-elected in 2022. To do that he needs to constitutionally end any opportunity for a state leader to close borders once we hit the 80 plus per cent target."

It will not be Tom Tate or Scott Morrison standing in the Queensland sun on a hot humid January day doing PCR tests for those with COVID symptoms, they will be elsewhere.

Let It Rip Tweet

What's COVID's incubation period?

Omicron COVID 19 Quick Guide
Seek advice from legitimate sources. Sourced from ABC What's COVID's incubation period?

Gold Coast recommendations (opinion)

  • Be aware of others around you who may have symptoms.
  • If you suspect you have symptoms get tested early. (This can be difficult on the Gold Coast)
  • Some people have reported a slight change in the taste in their mouth prior to symptoms appearing.
  • Wait times and locations can vary.
  • Immediately let others know if you suspect symptoms. (most people will appreciate your honesty)
  • Statistically most times people get tested they do not have COVID-19.
  • Bring your Medicare card and your phone to the testing location.
  • Continue to wear a mask when you are lining up either by car or in person to be tested.
  • If you get tested your results can take 24 - 48 hours to appear on your phone.
  • Stock up on items you may need in lockdown before you need them.
  • At risk workers may be covered by their employer for wages even if casual and off due to COVID.
  • If in lockdown take a chance to relax, most people get through it fine.

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