Getting un-stung by your credit card

Getting un-stung by your credit card

This is not about a revolving debt story, where the owner of a credit card or cards pays off each and continues into debt.

It's actually about using your credit card to rescue yourself from a bee or wasp sting.

Tony's Pest Control Gold Coast site has an interesting snippet on why a credit card is recommended in case of a bee or wasp sting.

Instead of reaching for the tweazers which risk squeezing the venom into the afflicted area - using the edge of a credit card can remove the sting safely.

If done correctly the stinger will catch onto the edge and gently lift out of your skin.

Nature Bright Colours Warning

Credit cards should come with warnings

Nature has a habit of producing bright colours on dangerous objects

Most wasps are actually solitary, non-stinging varieties. Wasps according to National Geographic do more good for humans by reducing insect populations.

Many plants depend on Bees to polinate in order to reproduce.


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