Tennis Court Dreaming

Tennis Court Dreaming

Having the priveledge of growing up with a spare block next door was a childhood dream.

The block started as a bit of dirt with plenty of 3 corner jacks.
The next door neighbours had a tennis court made from pebbles.
They allowed us to play anytime as long as we raked the court afterwards.

Meanwhile our block of dirt was used by all the kids around for cricket footy etc.

One day dad announced he was going to create a lawn tennis court.
Before too long we now had a beautiful lawn court to play cricket, footy, soccer and tennis ofcourse.

One of the benefits was the court kept the ball in the yard mostly.
Lady Playing Tennis Serving
A lawn court requires mowing and lining. So you ended up mowing the court then lining it and having left over blades of grass getting caught in your lining machine.
You would also have to allow for wear and move the court up and down so the base line did not become permanently bare. So you had 3 holes of the net and backstops large enough to vary.
Watering consisted of a walking sprinkler with varying degrees of success.

To keep a lawn court level you would regularly need to top-dress the lawn with sand.

This routine worked famously for decades. Both mum and dad had tennis days during the week and occassionally families over on the weekends. As kids we played on the court every day.

Water expense, restrictions and some dry periods in Australia made the look for an alternative to lawn necessary.
Benefits of artificial surfaces are-:

  • Level
  • No watering required
  • No line marking required

What sort of court would you build today?

Depending on the court's use you would choose an appropriate surface. If a tennis club or heavy use court you would choose accordingly.
You really need to speak to a tennis court construction expert.
You may choose an Omnicourt® product it's using the latest technology of Polyethylene ensuring no "carpet burn" when falling and great for kids play.

Growing up with a tennis court - well a chunk of dirt initially - what kids do on a tennis court for fun is not necessarily just tennis.
Having already mentioned cricket, footy - there is also running, baseball, all sorts of games as well - just use your imagination.


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