Kill the pests not your family

Kill the pests not your family

Once I witnessed a householder pick up a can of insect spray and proceed to spray everywhere including a food storage cupboard - obsessed with getting rid of a handful of ants.
I would rather the ants myself.

As Australia abandons its manufacturing industries foreign made chemicals flood our market. I am not even sure I want to spray a toilet these days.
In China our produce is regarded highly because we have a clean green reputation.
Hence when we go to the $2 shop and buy a cheaply made pest chemical we may be risking our health.
We can't rely on larger chains to protect us as they are often the ones leading the price war charge.

So how can we avoid using chemicals
  • Eliminate the conditions that insects and rodents prefer
  • Use flyscreens and physical barriers
  • Maintain good hygiene - don't leave food or scraps out on kitchen benches
  • Consult garden centres for any naturally occurring pest control mechanisms

What are pest control chemicals?
These are a group of chemicals used to control, repel or kill pests and prevent of control animal diseases -:

  • Pesiticides
  • Inseciticides
  • Fungicides
  • Weedicides
  • Rodenticides
  • Biocides
  • Repellents

Finding out about the chemicals you use
All pest control chemicals have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which provides additional information to that given on the products label.
In Queensland information about MDSS is provided by the Queensland Government site about Material Safety Data Sheets
Often workers are inadvertently exposed to chemicals - hence there is information available on these.

How toxic are chemicals
Pest control chemicals must be approved and registered by the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (NRA) before they are allowed to be sold.
Part of the approval process is an assessment of the chemicals effectiveness and potential impact on health, water safety, the environment and trade.
Toxic chemicals may only become hazardous if not handled correctly.

Use a professional
Pest Control expert Tony Casey recommends you use someone authorised under the Environment Protection Act 1997 especially for larger pest control jobs.


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