How to Sleep better

How to Sleep better

Nubia who teaches Yoga Gold Coast at The Pure Yoga Southport - often discusses other issues in our lives rather than just the time we are on the mat.

Nubia Yoga Teacher
Recent discussions were centred on a set of techniques on how to sleep better.

In typical understated fashion Nubia said

no one has every told me these techniques do not work


Essentially the technique simply involves a few steps - anyone who is familiar with Savasana (a pose of total relaxation) where you lie on your back usually at the end of a Yoga session.

It is actually a challenging pose because you need to be totally relaxed especially your mind.

The sleeping technique is to follow this pose when you are about to sleep and you are actually in your bed.

Instead of instantly dropping off to sleep with every thought racing through your mind or worse dropping off with the TV or radio going.

Try to do this (stay in Savasana) for 10-15 minutes completely blanking your mind and relaxing your whole body. Try to avoid holding any thoughts at all.

Now sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed.


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