Conscious Pregnancy with Kundalini Yoga

Conscious Pregnancy with Kundalini Yoga

Conscious Pregnancy with Kundalini Yoga - Pregnancy and birthing in the modern day with ancient yogic ways and wisdom...

Introduction workshop: How and Why Kundalini prenatal Yoga & meditation will serve you and your baby before, during and after your pregnancy.  What does it really mean to be a mother in the Aquarian Age.  Discover what impact your thoughts and projections have on the baby?s subconscious mind and how you can conscious draw in a high vibrating soul.  This 4 hour workshop includes a prenatal Kundalini Yoga set, Kundalini prenatal meditation, chanting, and an overview of the 4 week Conscious Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga workshop.  The work shop will give you your first experience with Kundalini pre-natal yoga and give you a deep insight as to decide if the following workshop is of interest to you and your baby.

Date: Sunday 13th Feb 2011-01-11 8:30am-12:30pm

Location: Samadhi Centre Davenport St Southport.  Books are essential!

Investment: $42 (no EFT available)

4 week Conscious Pregnancy Kundalini Prenatal Yoga & Meditation Workshop

4 sessions on a Sunday morning each class for 2-2.5 hours in duration (8:30am -11am).  Every class will include a prenatal yoga class and meditation followed by a 30-50min presentation on the following for each week;
1.    Giving birth to a giver, hero or everyday saint and the 120th day incarnation
2.    Pregnancy massage-bring your birthing partner!
3.    Breast feeding and breast feeding positions
4.    The 40 day post partum blessings

Dates:  27thof Feb till 20thth March 8:30am - 11am

Location: Samadhi centre Davenport St Southport.  Bookings are essential.

Investment: $160 Includes your own booklet of the yoga sets, meditations, mantras chanted and notes of the lecture.Birthing the Yogic way and partner support workshop: This workshop removes the fear of birthing via education of anatomy, the 3 stages of labour, discussion on perineum preparation, birthing positions and how your partner can support you, partner learns acupressure for labour support and pain relief! We use props for demonstrating how the baby descends through the pelvic cavity and have non-graphic pictures to deepen your understanding.  This 4 hour workshop includes a support manual.

Dates:  Sunday the  27th May 2011-01-11 8:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Samadhi centre Davenport St Southport Investment: $75  or all 3 workshops for a discounted investment of $250


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