How does spray tanning work?

How does spray tanning work?
Spray tannning is an alternative to a natural sun tan or a tanning bed both of which can cause skin cancer.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the chemical most commonly used in spray tanning solutions. Dihydroxyacetone is approved for external application to the body for the purpose of "colouring" the body. Colour addititives, including dihydroxyacetone, may contain one to three dihydroxy additives and two propanone additives or colour mixtures.

Spray tanning solutions contain a chemical that changes the color, staining the dead skin cells that exist in the outer layer of skin and making them appear tanned.
The colour lasts until all the dead cells are shed from your body. Either exfoliating or washing your skin vigorously may cause the skin cells to shed faster, shortening the life of the spray tan.

Brisbane Spray Tanning provider (Diamond Spray Tanning) use the following products -:

St Tropez      
St Tropez is a well recognised brand & pioneer in the tanning industry. St Tropez works with the natural tone of your skin to create a natural sun kissed colour. St Tropez is odourless and you will be dry in 5 minutes!

Caron Laboratories Nunkeri Tan     
Caron Laboratories Nunkeri Tan works with the natural skin tone providing you with the most natural looking tan yet. The Nunkeri formula is also low tack, fast drying and streak free. Requires approximately 8-10 hours to develop. We offer the natural, dark and certified organic tan.

Naked Tan     
Perfect for those wanting a last minute tan, without compromising on quality! Naked Tan uses pure botanical ingredients that nourish and moisturise the skin while your tan develops. Naked Tan is ready to wash ?n? wear in just 2 hours!

Endless Tan     
One of the key benefits of Endless Sun tanning solution is the fact that it contains over 10 fruit and plant extracts, including vitamins and anti oxidants to hydrate and moisturise the skin at the same time as providing a natural, healthy long lasting tan. The solutions are all completely odourless, quick drying, non-sticky and rich in the active ingredient of DHA. With two colours to choose from- Caramel and Chocolate, Endless Sun spray tan caters for all skin types.

Liquid Sun Spray Tan     
Liquid Sun is perfect for those wanting a natural deep bronzed tan that fades evenly. It is 99% natural based, has no alcohol, harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. Its targeted ingredients also help lock hydration into the skin for superior results. Liquid Sun tans last up to 10 days and requires approx 8 hours to develop.

Booster Drops     
Booster drops are a highly concentrated bronzer DHA solution, they are designed to raise the DHA concentration of all our spray tan solutions. They are Imported from America to customise the level of tan you want to achieve. Excellent for people who prefer a very dark colour, or for people want to customise their spray tan colour.

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