Knowing your limitations

A recent ABC program "Old People"s Home For 4 Year Olds" illustrated the limitations people can place on themselves.

A telling point was an old lady battling with her own limitations, strongly recommending a fellow resident not to take the step down to the water. Alarmingly the step was about the height of a gutter. The question has to be asked - how did the residents develop such a sense of disempowerment? Is it their injury or is it the relationship they develop to their injury?

The Mind of the Soul Gary Zukav

Every frightened part of your personality is a moving object in a sense that it thinks, speaks and acts in frightened ways until your challenge it.
You challenge the frightened parts of your personality by choosing where you will put your attention.

One of the major components of happiness is something to look forward to.

The thing you think you cannot do - Gordon Livingston MD

Can an injury increase your anxiety and fear?

You dont have to travel far to see someone "hobbling down the street" with an injury, a limp, a lop-sided walk. How many of those injuries are an attachment? By attachment, the injury has been so etched into the lifestyle of the person that they have no intention of getting it fixed.

Yoga Meditation

Holistic Healing

Many holistic health practitioners will take a different approach to healing. A common comment from a teacher in a Yoga class could be "Your hips store your anxieties".

Holistic Counselling

A holistic counsellor may try to understand the underlying cause of an injury or an ailment. If you are lucky enough to find a counsellor who is also a practising naturopath you may find a treatment or change of diet you were not expecting cures your issue.

Attachment Fear Ailments


Many traditions discuss the topic of attachment. Attaching to our fears and ailments can prevent us from seeking a cure.

Passive Aggression

The first step is to identify what you are dealing with to avoid getting dragged into the "passive aggressive conflict cycle" where you start responding in the same passive-aggressive manner as the instigator.

refer Dealing with Passive Aggression

What is limiting you?

We started with the title of "know your limitations" - however a conclusion may be "what is unnecessarily limiting you for a happy healthy life". There are a staggering number of health practitioners that can help you learn to heal yourself.


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