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How much excercise for this much food

An interesting article in Womens Health magazine showed the following amounts of excercise required to burn up an amount of food. You may want to develop a taste for organic carrots.

If you eat this... you need to do this...

If you EatBrisk Walking ForJogging ForAerobics For
1 banana16 mins9.5 mins10 mins
1 apple12 mins7 mins8 mins
Raisins (50g)32 mins29 mins49 mins
1 carrot2.5 mins2 mins2.5 mins
1 potato16 mins9.5 mins10 mins
Chicken Salad34 mins20 mins24 mins
Fish and Chips114 mins68 mins74 mins
1 meat pie92 mins53 mins68 mins
2 slices of pizza87 mins50 mins66 mins
1 brownie48 mins29 mins32 mins
1 can soft drink33 mins19 mins25 mins
1 beer (375 ml)28 mins16 mins19 mins
1 glass of wine (150 ml)21 mins12 mins15 mins
A large juice-bar juice (650 ml)64 mins37 mins42 mins