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How Procrastinating feeds Emotional Eating

Do you want to start something?

You know you should but... you don't?

Would you like to start something that you are passionate about so you can live the life of your dreams?
Do you find yourself on Social Media ? scrolling down the pages? and it's only 7am and you haven't even had breakfast yet?   
facebook like
Are all these likes wasting your time?


Are you sad, frustrated and quite frankly, stuck?
I know, I've been there. I was there for years & it sucked.
I was just going through the motions,
and the thing that got me through my days of procrastinating was my good old friend.
Food - and lots of it.   

I would kid myself and tell myself that I wasn't really procrastinating... because you've got to eat.   
Food Oclock

I was an Emotional Eater and it was because I had no real goals, no real direction and no real plan.


With that uncertainty, I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland when she asked the Cheshire Cat the famous question...


"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"


To which the Cat replies "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to".  
"I don't much care where," said Alice.  
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go."  
This was my story for years.  
I wanted to go somewhere but I had no idea to where - I was bored, with no real direction.  
I hadn't tapped into what I was passionate about... so I ate.
A big bowl of pasta was comforting; chocolate was exciting and I felt that I was in good company. 
My good old trusty friends were always there. 
The salt, the sugar, the fizz. 
Junk Food Snacks 

I used to love watching re-runs of American Sitcoms such as Seinfeld with a bag of chips, a bowl of ice-cream or a packet of Tim Tams...

Mindlessly eating, whilst certain I'd get a laugh yes... even after the 50th re-run, so, that's what I kept going back to.


I kept in my comfort zone.
The food, the shows and my fear of branching out into the unknown kept me safe.
After 20 years of going through these mindless motions I reached out for help.
I got a Coach and miraculously, something clicked and my new strategy worked.
I realized what I wanted to do.
I made a decision and that decision led to another decision, which led to an action,
which led to more decisions and more actions.
I became unstoppable. I was now in control and I didn't want unnecessary processed foods anymore.
I had actually lost the desire for junk food.
My mindset shifted and I realized why procrastination feeds emotional eating.
I had no goals, no direction.
I wasn't living a life of passion and I definitely wasn't taking any decisive action.
I was just existing, going through the paces: filling in my time with mundane stuff.
Getting out of bed in the morning and getting through the day on autopilot.
I was bored and unmotivated...until I made a decision and realized my true purpose in life.
I now have no desire to procrastinate now - there's action to take.
My days are occupied. I plan. I create. And I make every moment count.
Now I know where I'm heading and I no longer emotionally eat.
I've found my purpose - I now live my purpose - and I now eat to live not the other way round.
Overcoming Emotional Eating has never been simpler.

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time
Life's Too Short

Author Renae Bressi

Author Renae Bressi

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