Perfection doesn't exist

I was speaking to a client the other day who had just completed a 4 day detox. She was feeling fantastic, lighter, cleansed, ready and determined to turn her eating patterns around. There was just one thing getting in the way. Herself.
Sarah (not her real name) was happy to have completed the detox because she felt so much better now, however there was a fear surrounding the fact that she wasn't going to be able to keep doing what she had done for the 4 days and that any slip in her eating patterns or exercise routine would mean she would find herself launch back into negative self-talk, blame and guilt. Why? Because she may reach for a cookie, or eat a little too much at dinner or not eat clean at a birthday party and because of that her weight loss would be a failure.
After doing some work around Sarah's limiting beliefs, she realised that she didn't have to be 'perfect' all the time, that she could enjoy the food at a birthday party and that there is no failure because just like life, weight loss and healthy eating is a journey.
Us women have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We've been sold on the idea that we need to go on a diet to lose weight and that we can't enjoy a celebration to the MAX because we are on a 'diet'.

Weighing in on the scales

Let me tell you this, diets don't work. They only work while you are on them and if you stick to them but that can only be short-lived as they are built on depravation and restriction. I've been on tonnes of diets in my life and every time I went off one, in no time flat I would put the weight I'd lost back on? and more and I'd go through the same old cycle of dieting and putting on weight and the negative voices would join me everywhere I went. There was no escape from my mind so I had no choice but to turn my situation around before the negativity drove me insane.
Die-t. We've been sold on Dieting. When you think of this word, what do you think?
Restriction? Hunger? Pain? Suffering? Lack of? Boring? Any or All of these things and more?
How can a diet be good when it's got the word die in it?
How can it be good when it's built on depravation and restriction?
We don't have to be our so-called perception of 'perfect' by restricting and depriving ourselves. We can be our perfect selves just by being ourselves and doing it by loving and honouring ourselves and listening to what our body and soul really wants.

It's time to shift your perspective.

Firstly, failure does not exist as a negative. If you include it in the process to success, failure serves as a stepping stone to success. There are going to be parties where you eat some cake. There will be days where you eat a little too fast and realise that you are overfull at the end of the meal. Times when you feel like giving up will exist. Yes, to all of that.
There are also going to be days and weeks where you are so focused on your goals and your purpose that you will prepare your food without a second thought, have healthy snacks every time you leave your house, take a big bowl of quinoa salad to a friend's barbeque and fill up on that; and leave some food on your plate because you've recognised you are full before the end of your meal.
That's called: Balance. Life. Truth. It's realistic. Good times and not so good times are part of the journey to healthy eating.
You are going to experience not so good moments, down days and losses and what will keep you going is those inevitable great times, wonderful times, exciting moments and WINS. Focus on those wins, give those wins the energy they deserve and let go of the idea of 'perfection' because perfection doesn't exist.
Changing your eating habits forms part of your lifestyle. That lifestyle, your lifestyle is to be enjoyed and embraced, not suffered through. You create the world you live in. You make a choice about what you are going to do and how you are going to feel every moment of your life.
 If you believe something, you can make it happen and it all starts with a thought.
Get your vision clear. Write down your goals and take a step towards your goal today. What's your other option?

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Author Renae Bressi

Author Renae Bressi


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