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Are you sitting at your desk properly?

One way to check your posture is to use a mirror to see how you are sitting or ask someone to hold it up for you.

Look for signs of a poor posture-:

  • sore neck or back
  • trouble concentrating
  • headaches

It is very important to have an adjustable chair to match your work area.
If you are at a desk for more than a few hours a day investing in a quality chair is very important.

Being aware of your posture via your physio or pilates instructor or yoga teacher is also a benefit.

Building a strong core and correct breathing techniques are very important.

Correct sitting posture for computer

Tips for the best sitting position-:

  1. Adjust the height of the chair according to the height of the work area
  2. Ensure your shoulders are relaxed and without strain. (shoulders back ribs in)
  3. Feet must be flat on the floor
  4. Ensure the lumbar support of the chair supports the natural curve of your spine
  5. Adjust the computer screen to the top is level with your eyes
  6. Keep your chin in and shoulders relaxed
  7. Keyboard should be placed for a natural support from the chair arm rests or table if no arm rests
  8. wrists should be straight when typing
  9. Take regular intervals (5 minutes every half-hour) and perform stretch and relax exercises

Sitting Posture Measurements

Sitting Posture Measurements