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Healthy Hair

How your hair skin and nails look are often a reflection of your lifestyle so do you head for the naturopath or the hairdresser to get the advice you need?

Naturopath for healthy hair

The general advice from Naturopaths is a healthy diet to help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Eat plenty of protein
  • Replace processed foods with nutritious wholegrain varieties
  • Exercise every day according to your age and fitness level
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day to hydrate your body

Hair analysis and compatible foods

Gold Coast Naturopath Anita approach is a Hair analysis and compatible foods analyis - :

You do not have to suffer through life - let your hair unlock the secrets to a healthier happier you! The hair analysis highlights foods that are RIGHT for you body and which foods are incorrect.

This frees up the immune system to deal with other issues more freely providing you with an easy to follow restorative food program.

More than 400 foods are tested and are available for babies, children and adults identifying ineffective and effective foods for the unique individual - you.

Sun Damaged Hair

Hairdresser for healthy hair

Jenny from Hairdemon a hair salon Miami Gold Coast discusses what our sun and sand lifestyle can do to your hair.

When your hair is damaged every day can be a bad hair day!
Jenny recomends products that protect the hair from sun damage - unfortunately sun streaks in the hair are a sure sign of hair damage. (sorry cool surfie chicks)
Hair products containing antioxidant or sunscreen ingredients, and deep conditioners can help.
UV rays fade color and cause dryness and brittleness whether you are at the beach, by the pool, or even a tanning salon.
We find the only practical solution is to cut off the damage with scissors.

Time is the key - avoid short cuts like -:

  • hot hair dryers blasting your hair
  • roughly combing through still tangled hair
  • not conditioning properly for the sake of saving a little time

Do these -:

  • Consider wrapping your head in a towel while applying makeup
  • Remove at least 50 percent of the water before even going near their hair with a blow-dryer
  • Consider wearing a scarf, or a bun in the wind
  • Consider using a satin pillow case to avoid wear on your hair if you toss about in your sleep.

The Hair Chemical Cocktail

Over use of hair colour, hair bleach, relaxers, and permanent wave solutions is extremely detrimental to the hair.  Avoid dramatically changing hair colors every month as different colours will affect your hair differently.

Chemicals burn - even melt the hair. Signs of chemical abuse are extremely dry, dull hair and frequent breakage.

Let the hair grow to avoid overlapping applications of chemicals when doing touch ups (roots).

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