Is Mould Harming Your Health?

Mould and spores are a common component of home and workplace dust.
Excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials can cause adverse health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mould or the extent of contamination.
When mold spores are present in abnormally high quantities, they can present especially hazardous health risks to humans, including allergic reactions or poisoning by mycotoxins, or causing fungal infection (mycosis)

Who is effected

People with a compromised immune systems (often the young and the elderly) are at risk from these kind of reactions

  • allergic reactions
  • asthma episodes
  • irritations of the eye
  • nose and throat
  • sinus congestion
  • other respiratory problems

"Approximately 15,000 spores are equivalent to the size of a pin head. It will contaminate contents (furniture, clothes, food, paper etc). These items also act as food for spores, but even worse they are extremely harmful to your health."

Ozone Treatment Before and After

Testing and Treatment

There are companies that offer treatments for mould.
Mould Removal Gold Coast (AMC Ozone)  specialise in testing and treating mould.
Mould needs three things to grow -:

  • Moisture
  • A Nutrient
  • Warm environment

All of which are readily available on the Gold Coast.

Scientifically Laboratory backed and tested (NOT Home Sampling Kits)
6 month guarantee
Certified + follow the Australian Mould Guidelines

Ozone Treatments - Ozone kills moould on contact

O2 (oxygen) is converted to O3 (ozone) which is a "dry gas" through generators onsite. The life cycle of ozone is generation, oxidation then return to oxygen.

Read more about Ozone Treatments


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