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The importance of Yoga

Lets talk about the importance of yoga. When many people think about yoga, they have images in their heads of near contortionism, of a smiling yogi with their feet in places that most people would deem downright frightening and freakish!  I am not talking about yoga for pretzel bending but yoga for an improvement of your physical, mental and emotional well being. This is the sort of yoga that can be achieved and practise by anyone, no matter age or size.
There are many aspects to the practise of yoga and during the time we spend together every month I hope to share them with you in a simple and easy to understand way that will help improve your everyday life. Think of this article like a monthly tune up or service for your body and mind. We spend an amazing amount of time and effort managing the things we have around us, servicing the car, repainting the house, defragging the computer but do we spend as much time defragging ourselves? Our bodies and mind get used everyday, 24 hours a day, when do we give ourselves a tune up?
The word yoga can be translated as union and for our purposes this will be the union of our breathing pattern and physical movements in easy yogic postures (asana) that will help to stimulate your blood circulation, improve your breathing, straighten up your bones and open up your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Giving you a stretch out, so you can move through life with a little more spring in your step.  
I can almost see the eye balls rolling now, "here we go, let the pain begin, I can't do this." I am here to tell you that you can do it and I hope to show you how simple it can be. One step at a time and your body and mind will thank you for it.
Yoga is important because it allows your body to move in a free and easy way that makes picking items up, turning around and tying your shoelaces, effortless. It is important because it increases your serotonin (happy feeling hormone) levels and improves your emotional state. Yoga is important because it teaches you simple techniques that allow you to take control of stressful situations in life and to breath through existence in a calm and focused manner. I look forward to sharing yoga with you every month.

from Kim White Yoga Phuket

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