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Regaining your beauty

Some may call this weight loss others may call it dieting however for you to achieve a healthier self it really is a mental battle as much as anything.

You may have some blockers

  • stressful job
  • relationship issues
  • surrounded by negativity

There are also plenty who will profit by offering instant fixes or miraculous shakes or pills.

You may also have habits that you have adopted that are preventing you from achieving a healthier outcome.

Start by working out what are the issues.
You know what you enjoy doing exercise wise - so work out a plan to do that exercise in your day.

If there is someone or something that is getting in the way of your exercise try to avoid (it/them).

You may simply need to say sorry I can't do that I am going for a (run, swim, surf or yoga).

For example if guilt over not getting up and organising the kids breakfast is stopping you excercise, consider that you may be setting a good example by your healthy habits.

Learn to relax
Learn to Meditate or blank out your mind from the internal chit chat that can dominate you.

Talk positively to everyone ok the occassional swear word may be appropriate.

Gain a better understanding of what foods work for you. If you are getting a chocolate fix or hit the bakery be aware of what this is doing to your overall goal.
Avoiding processed foods may well be all it takes to get your mind and body back to its ideal state.

Finally - you do not have to do this alone find something that you can share with others and grow with it. (Yoga, Pilates or rowing club).

PS do it now - your life depends on it.

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