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Why Is Muscle So Important To Permanent Fat Loss?

By Shane Dykstra Gold Coast Personal Trainer

Shane Personal Training Gold CoastMany people believe that muscles are only important if you're young and want to look BUFF!!! One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that cardio is the only way to lose body fat and get fit. Yes cardio does cause these results. But! The big problem with doing too much cardio and not enough weights, is that cardio causes a release of catabolic hormones such as Cortisol in our body. This causes muscle breakdown which long term leads to a reduction in muscle leaving you looking thin but not necessarily fit and toned.

So what can you do about it?
You need to introduce some weight training into your routine. But I don't mean the old traditional style of weight training. Let me explain.

Typical Poor Results Gym Routine
Person goes to gym a few days a week for up to an hour and does some cardio and some weights with the hope to lose body fat and tone up their muscles. They do the treadmill for 20 minutes, maybe get on the bike or rower for another 10-20 minutes. They then do a quick 15 minute s of weights consisting if some bicep curls, some tricep pushdowns, some pushups or chest press, leg press, maybe a few lunges, throw in a set of crunches and most folks are on their way out the door.

If your workout sounds similar then don't be concerned because at least you have been doing something. You may have even got some results with this training over the years. But this is like driving a 1970 Datsun up a hill in comparison to the V12 Hummer FUSION METHOD which just destroys calories from your body like no other form of training.

But let me point out that a great workout that creates great bodies is not all about how many calories you burn in a session. And this is where the FUSION METHOD really comes into it's own and takes the poll position as the ultimate form of training. The FUSION METHOD works every muscle in your body.... From your little toes to your ear lobes. Yes seriously... no muscle will go untouched and no muscle will be untoned.

Fusion uses so many different exercises and exercises tools such Swissballs, Medicine Balls, Bosu Balls, Resistance Bands as well as the usual Dumbells, Barbells and gym machines.

Fusion twists normal cardio training methods such as running and bikes and rowers and uses them as strategic intervals between resistance exercises. Fusion can even involve Boxing, Spinning Cycles.

FUSION TRAINING is a unique combination of special resistance and even body weight exercises combined with multi muscle and multi movement exercises. It may be a mouthful but this type of training is latest Results Proven Training Method available today.

Most peoples routines are far to repetitive. Way too much time is wasted on isolated exercises like sitting in a machine lifting a weight that uses only 1 or 2 small muscle groups. Traditional gym routines aim to target specific muscle groups one at a time. Targeting muscle groups one a time might be great if your name is Arnold or Annie Schwarzennegger and you're just polishing up the already awesome ripped lean muscles around your body.

But for the every day person who is really just trying to shed a few kilos and get some muscles toned. You probably don't care about massive guns... you just don't want fat ones. You may look at a sports models six pack and say, wow I wish I could have a six pack like that. But in reality you actually just want to fit your jeans that got to small after your first child was born or for the guys the day you started that new office job and stopped playing sports.

What I am driving at here is that most people have been lead astray by fitness magazines, gyms and even personal trainers for years who are wasting their time with traditional gym routines.

Top 7 Benefits of Weight Training

  1. Metabolism - muscle is the energy furnace of the body. When your bodies furnace is smoldering due to loss of muscle tissue, you are much more likely to store fat and gain weight. The number of muscles working during a Fusion Training Session Boosts Metabolism like no other form of training. Your metabolism burns up to 70% of your daily energy. Once the metabolic fire within really starts cooking, you will see your body fat melting away.
  2. Stimulate Growth Hormone - One of the least known and perhaps greatest benefits of weight training is the stimulation of the bodies Growth Hormone levels. It is this Growth Hormone that repairs and rebuilds muscle in our body. It is Growth Hormone that regenerates our skin cells and keeps us looking younger. It truly is the elixir of youth. Many people spend thousands of dollars at Anti Ageing clinics to get injections of it. When you can have it for FREE. Why do you think people that are in great shape always look young. Because the exercise they are doing stimulates Growth Hormone, keeping us looking and feeling younger. It is the unique Multi Muscle Techniques of the FUSION METHOD that causes higher than normal stimulation of Growth Hormone.
  3. Function - the human body needs muscle to move our skeleton. Loss of muscle tissue causes poor posture, lack of mobility, balance, co-ordination and strength. These conditions are responsible for a great reduction in quality of life as we age as well as an increase the falls related injuries.
  4. Strength - loss of muscular strength puts great strain on the joints of the body and the cardiovascular system. If you are weak, daily tasks are more difficult causing your heart to have to work harder. Blood pressure can be reduced simply by becoming stronger. Strength makes daily tasks easier.
  5. Diabetes - research shows that a loss of muscle decreases the bodies ability to tolerate glucose (blood sugar), resulting in higher blood sugar levels, potentially leading to a decreased ability to control insulin.
  6. Osteoporosis - as we lose muscle tissue, our bones also become weaker. Rebuilding muscle tissue puts strain on the bones stimulating the body to make them stronger.
  7. Arthritis - a lack of muscular strength causes poor joint support and excessive joint wear and tear. Building stronger muscles around joints can greatly reduce these stresses and most importantly reduce pain.

The two most important exercise factors to lose body fat fast and permanently are:

1) Improve Fitness - the fitter you are the more body fat you will burn during exercise. As you get fitter your body improves it's ability to intake oxygen. Oxygen is required in the fat burning process. Unfit inactive peoples bodies survive off burning more carbohydrate/sugar for energy. The longer they are inactive the more they burn sugar for energy rather than fat. This is made even worse if you have a high sugar or 'High Glycaemic' diet. So one of your most important goals will be to improve your fitness. You will improve your fitness by progressively pushing yourself a little harder each exercise session or going for a little bit longer each session.

2) Increase Muscle It is imperative that when on a fat loss program, you lose only fat, not muscle as well. Muscle is the furnace in which your fat is burned. The less muscle you have the slower you will burn fat. Inversely the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn all day long. You must maintain your muscle tissue by doing weight training at least once a week and eating sufficient protein.

If you are sick and tired of your boring old routine and want to get some serious results that will give you a totally fit strong healthy body. Then get into Urban Energy to trial your first FUSION SESSION.

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